Ghetto Blaster - 2011 - Think For Yourself PROMO

Ghetto Blaster is by far one of the most valuable bands in the whole underground scene at the moment. These guys should be playing big shows right now, at least opening for big bands, playing at festivals and touring all across the globe, just because people know them, they're your canadian homies. Their music has evolved a lot from their self titled release in 2009 and you can really tell by listening to the promo cd of their upcoming record “Think For Yourself” In which I was lucky enough to help em a bit with their artwork and I’m glad they like the fancy boombox logo I made for them.

The free sampler of Think for yourself shows clearly the new sound and textures they’re aiming at. Crowley has perfected his raping mc skills, while Ian has created his own bass style to get the flow of the verses Crowley sings. Ska it’s still there and fits really good with the bass and the amazing skills Mestafa has to offer with his drumming. This shit has evolved from some hip hop crack rock into something more complex, filled with lyrics bout unity and liberation, but still punk rock.

This promo has it's ups and downs since not all of the songs has been fully mastered and the mix sounds like crap in a couple of songs. But hey, this is just a promo thingy, just to put you on the map in case you’ve never heard of them before, and if you knew them already this thing is only for show. I’m guessing the new record will have a lot more to offer and the final mix will fuck you up for good. Ideal for smoking pot, crack, drinking booze and partying, but also ideal for a nice walk, you and your headphones in the streets. My fav song is Beloved GTA which is clearly one of the best examples on what I’m talking bout with this release. Check it out and stay tuned for the REAL record, hopefully it'll hit the web this summer!!

As these Canadian fuckers tend to say: UNITY 

Download their shit here:


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