Hollow-Eyed – 2011 – Worcester Noises

You better put a descent volume level while playing this Ep, not too loud, but not too low… and you better do this at night. Maybe you should turn off the lights and while you’re at it you should drink a glass of wine, sit back, relax yourself and think twice if this what you really want to hear… Cuz you’ll either die or feel alive by listening to Hollow-Eyed

This record just doesn’t fit in a solid standard base, and it might not be for you if you’re not well used to fucked up music made by fucked up people. Worcester Noises is sick, twisted, vibrant, violent, dark, experimental and brilliant. Ryan (Guitar+Vocals & 1/3 of Aim For Your Head) described this project as a weird folk experimental thing… and this might be just that for some ears, but it’s creepy as fuck once you truly listen to this…

I really enjoyed this, brings thoughts in my head and emotion my heart and that’s something doesn’t really happen often… Even the artwork is sick In brief, you should really listen to Hollow-Eyed and decide for yourself whether is something you might like or not. I’m really looking forward for more music by them. You can download this Ep for free or by donation right HERE! Along with their previous release which is also really good but less heartbreaking as this one. 


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