Lots of stuff in the works!

Hello and welcome back people from the universe, this is Raz speaking thru the media to every single soul that's interested in some news, or at least is bored enough to read this thing. First of all thank you for all the downloads of our new EP "Part II: Generic" so much love! I'm really sorry for making it the second release that we're selling, but there's a lot of links with FREE downloads of that release, Nacion Libre, Riot Ska & our own personal link in mediafire (click for your FREE download) and if you can pay the damn $2.00 usd please pay for it! All the incomes really help this going somewhere! 

What's new? Im working on the last songs you'll hear from AV in a while, another EP? Split? Who knows, but I'm sure you'll love this ones, featured spots aswell! :) Once that’s done, we’ll take a well deserved break from studio and play shows like mad men! Also a new comp by Nacion Libre is out and it features a brand new AV song called "Broken London" feat my brother Jim(e) from Body Lice (Body Lice just released a new record, download it Here!) so be sure to grab a copy of the compilation, cuz well it's FREE and has a lot of good friends and amazing bands from Mexico! What else... Oh we'll be featured in the Infested Records compilation: Music to Bleed to vol. 3! Thank you! You got us there too! Lots of friends on that one too, Night Gaunts (we.did a song with them in our new EP) Prowler & Dead Rejects! It drops on October 31st so be sure to grab a copy & pre-order it HERE!

That’s pretty much all AV related news, but there’s a bunch of stuff that you wouldn’t believe! I’m working on the new From The Cradle To The Rave Track! That’s right! The Venomous Ravers are back with Vampiros (Vampires part 2) This time C-Rave feat. Anti-Venöm! It will blow yer head off once you listen to the fearless riotsteppah killahz on action! I’m also recording and producing two good friends of mine and I make guess spots on both projects, one in vocals and the other one with guitars! Isn’t that great!? Plenty of works in progress, I’ll make sure you listen to it! 

What else… I’m working on the new Ben Reilly LP as we speak! If you don’t know about that thing, be sure to check it out! It’s my alter ego in electronic music like happy hardcore, techno, chiptune and stuff… check it out HERE! Oh, and last but not least, I just got an e-mail from a band from brazil called “Coconut Distroyer” those guys are great!! They send me some demos and since they do not have that much access to the computer I will help em get their shit going! Sick Crusty Grindcore with female vocals!
As many of you know, I do artwork and graphic design for bands, brands and companies for a reasonable price! We work under the name of Misery Art & Design and we’ve made some stuff for Atrocity Solution, Ghetto Blaster, Night Gaunts, C-Rave but right now we’re currently working on the LUVDUMP’s new record artwork! It’s looking great! You can check out some of the stuff we’ve done in HERE and be sure to tell your friends! With that in mind, I’m currently working on new merch for AV too and our new press kit, we’ll post some of that later too!

So… that’s it I guess. Wanna know what I’m currently listening to? Morning Glory’s Poets Were My Heroes, Sum 41’s Sreaming Bloody Murder, Gob’s Muertos Vivos, The Hives Lex Hives and Fukpig’s Belief is the Death of Intelligence! Lot’s of other random stuff too and spanish podcast on the way too! Any new recommendations are welcome!
Cheers! x


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