Coconut Distroyer  
mmm... dis... dis... Yes! DIStroyer, not Destroyer, why? Because it looks awesome that way. Nah, Seriously, intentional typo's are the best! But, can you handle the Coconut? I'll just put it this way, Razo's Crusty Gutter Grindcore yell to the pseudo anarcho crusty kids with high ideals and lame narratives and topics that have been around since the 80's. 

The band is Mr. Raz Misery on everything, but if someone asks we're from Brazil, Anne Nova does sick vocals, Pablo Santiago on the six string, Killah Resident on Bass and Paulina Kross on drums!

Coconut Distroyer has only one EP entitled "Security Device Enclosed" and it's currently working on a full lenght! 

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2013 - Security Device Enclosed
Ben Reilly is a strictly digital project that started in 2008 fusing elements from 90’s dance and techno with UK’s happy hardcore. Later in 2009, Ben Reilly started adding some gabber feel like to the mix, along with chiptune and classic breakbeat to the decks of holiday studios.

The idea behind Ben Reilly was born in 2007 when Raz (Anti-Venöm) had lost his interest in playing live and loud hardcore punk, but also performing as a solo acoustic act (as in AMDJ). While Raz was left alone with no physical instruments, but a lot of creativity, he started out from scratch, trying new ways for songwriting by his own with recording software and virtual instruments. Later in 2008 Ben Reilly would release his debut record, “End of Eternity”; a simple collection of the best songs he had done during 2007 and 2008, the record itself it’s a mix of 90’s dance music with a few hardcore beats on it. In 2009. 

Ben Reilly’s second record was released under Straight to Hell Records, entitled “Pause, Play, Repeat” making its way into a more classic happy hardcore UK style. During that year, Ben Reilly also released a brand new EP called “Decades Under The Sun” adding some chiptune and German Hardcore into the mix, the EP also had some remixes and different versions of previous songs. Ben Reilly was on a break until 2011, when Raz decided to release the “Misery” EP, another spin in the Ben Reilly career, while the style remained almost the same, the music begin to had some breakbeat and a slowed down tempo to the songs.

Ben Reilly is currently writing and producing a third studio album, which will be out hopefully some day, trying to incorporate new elements to the mix, the album will be entitled “X”.

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Body Lice

Not really a side project but the man demands your attention. Jim(e) Cracker's one of Razo's best friends, they don't even know each other in real life but they share a strong bond in music perception and life itself. Body Lice is a sick anarcho lo-fi acoustic-electric folkish experiment that you only withness once in a life time. The soul and hate behind Jim's vocals can let the world know the sadness we all share. 

Jimmy's currently missing, at least he's always on the move squatting anywhere, has two amazing records remastered and mixed by raz and you should get em!

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2011 - Untitled
2012 - Squat n' Rot

(Armando Manuel de Jesús, Razo’s full first and middle name) was a project that only lived for four years (2005-2008). During that time, Raz became a fully DIY artist, both in recordings and the few live performances he did mainly in 2006. AMDJ started out after the breakup of Raz’s hardcore band called “Gusto!” While the band broke up (The first time) by personal problems and music interest, Raz’s decided to move on into a different direction. With the help of a friend, Raz created AMDJ, using rejected songs from Gusto! But also by writing new songs, but this project also was the first time Raz started using home recordings.

The result was a 11 track record/demo with horrible recordings but a lot of heart and time added into each song. The mix between punk, acoustic and experimental themes left Raz hunger for better recordings as he started to know what he was doing. That hunger was also the end of AMDJ, while Raz couldn’t create the sounds he wanted, the self pressure inflicted to create a better record was too much. In 2007 Raz called it quits and by 2008 he decided to put together the goodbye for that project, “Past, Hope & Hypocrisy” a mix between the good recordings, unfinished recordings, live and demos he had so far.

This project has no intentions of being brought back to life.

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