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Alright, I just want to talk a bit about everything concerning the AV these days. First of all, since last year, I’ve met a lot of nice people, not just in Mexico but all around the globe and I can say that I finally found a place where I belong. Thank you all for your friendship, support and knowledge :)

What’s next? Well after the ASATIJ record, I couldn’t ask for more, everything’s been awesome, None of my musical attempts has achieve this much and I’m really thankful for it, so let’s move on and make more AV music!
The following is the AV schedule for 2011:
  • Anti-Venöm – 2011 – Vampires ft. From The Cradle To The Rave Single/Video (June)
  • Army Of Ants/Anti-Venöm Split EP – (June)
  • VA - Riot Ska Records Compilation which will feature Vampires! (TBA)
  • Suicide Victim/Anti-Venöm Split EP/7’’ –  (July-August)
  • VA - Killed By Meth 3 compilation!! Including the song “555… Wait Wha!?” (TBA)
  • VA - Psicosis Punk III/ A MX Punk compilation by Nación Libre Netlabel. Including “555… Wait Wha!?” (TBA)
  • VA – Gatorama vol. 2 Another MX compilation (TBA)
  • Anti-Venöm – 2011 – Planet Of The Apes EP (On Riot Ska Records, by the end of the year)

This isn’t the final schedule for the AV, there’s a bunch of stuff in the talk right now, a few collabs and stuff, so if you want to invite the AV into something, we can work it out!

Also, I’m planning on adding a ‘Donate’ button on the myspace or somewhere else, so if anyone wishes to help the AV and support us in another kind of way, that would be more than welcome! If you wanna donate use paypal & just try to avoid paypal fees  armando.razo27@gmail.com

AV merch will be aviable for purchase at shows and online distro: t-shirts, patches, pressed copies & other stuff, so we can have another income for equipment and touring (besides our jobs and stuff). Obviously we’ll be sending a bunch of stuff to RiotSka Records, so all the people in Europe can get our stuff trough Chris & Geoff. Also, patches & stickers will be FREE with any purchase on RSR webstore!

I’m not a big fan of charging for the music itself or selling stuff, but that would really help me out in an economic way, so as donations. I’M NOT ASKING FOR MONEY! If you like the AV just share it with your friends or make yourself a nice DIY shirt or patch! We’re all friends, there’s no one superior or inferior, no shitty fan<artist relationship. Rockstar attitude, labels and companies are fucking the music industry, so let’s get em back by helping out each other. Digital downloads will still be FREE or by donation, but now you’ll be able to get our shit in real life!

If you’re interested, I make artwork and graphic design, that’s the way I make my living. I don’t charge that much and the cost depends on your situation and needs. I mainly do artwork and logos for bands or clothing, but also small companies and other stuff. So if you have need something contact me by mail or faceb    ook and we’ll work out something. I’ve done some artwork for bands like Atrocity Solution, Ghetto Blaster, Night Gaunts, No Choice Left and more. You can find a couple of stuff here: http://razanti.deviantart.com/  I’ll try to upload more stuff, cuz that thing has nothing compared with all the stuff i've done (and i'm proud of) and try to keep that updated.

PS. Info on the Vampires video/single will be announced soon!

A bunch of links of the AV & Related Stuff!

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