Night Gaunts - 2099 (2010) - Fullbody Tourettes [Pt II]

All eyes to the front cuz here they are: the amazing, spectacular, unnicany, marvelous, incredible (& all the coolest adjectives used in comic books before the hero’s names) The fucking Night Gaunts. This New Zealand duo is here to stay, two ex members from the now defunct Dead End Job put together this skankin band and I’m gonna tell you that I love em since day one, actually it happened the other way haha, when I first knew bout their existence, they pissed me off… why? I’ll tell you why:

One day I was bored, as I always am and I started looking for new music in blogs and stuff, suddenly, I came across Fullbody Tourettes [Pt I] and lemme tell you I wasn’t happy with the cover… why? WHY!? Cuz these kids had a pic of Anti-Venom as their artwork… At that time I was pretty much recording stuff, but I had some songs finished and my mind was clear bout naming AV, AV. So, for me, looking at their artwork was like shiiit! WTF!? These guys used AV!! What am I gonna do?? I tryied to stay calm, downloaded their music and I like it… plus they didn’t called themselves AV, which they wanted to before naming themselves NG.

Back on track, a lot of stuff has passed since that day and now I’m a good friend with Paul and Hayden, what can I say, I love em. I’ve done some artwork for them, we support each other and we’re doing some music together! These kids have serious issues, their stuff is Ill, even thought Paul does the majority of the stuff they put out, Hayden has extra killing bass skills that will fuck you up for good. 

To be honest, I don’t know what can I say bout Fullbody Tourettes [Pt II] it’s an amazing record. I like it, the organs and the synths sound fucking great, Paul is an amazing MC, he should even consider change his ‘artistic’ name from Paul J. to MC Gaunt! (or something cooler, that one doesn't even make justice to his name) and Hayden is the bass master, If Dr. Doom would have played a bass guitar, that’s the way his bass would sound like and lemme tell you, Dr. Doom is the shit in whatever he does!

Get their record for free and support my brothers, cuz yeah, this guys are my brothers. 

Peace & Piss

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