VA - 2011 - Track The Virus Split

Alright, this is one of the best releases of this year, it’s a classic, a must have and all that nice labels you add once a record is done as good as this. Atrocity Solution, Beng Beng Cocktail and My Own Religion (From The Cradle To The Rave) are on top of their game, and to be fair these fuckers are playing some nasty shit, way better than whatever fan boys think Mr. Scottie Sturgeon is doing with stza fucking hipsters. I hate that band. This shit is wicked, sick and full of heart.

Each band did 4 songs, AS and BBC did brand new tracks (except from the new version of DIY by BBC) while My Own Religion just added never physical released songs. I would do the same just to get those songs in a record, hahaha. Either way, Infktd did a new C-Rave song which is cool, I don’t really know who did the female vox in that song, but I love em. Highlights of this record, IMO are “Watch The World Burn”, “Dark Days”, “DIY”, “As We So, So We Reap”, “Collapse The Gap” and the best fucking song in the whole record “The Virus”. This record is full of collabs: Public Serpents, O.F.C., The Stupid Stupid Henchmen and Ghetto Blaster.

Track The Virus Is a must have. You can order this shit trough a bunch of different webstores, If you’re from America (which I believe It’s a fucking continent, not just a country!) you can get that from AS hands, if you live in Europe you can get it through BBC, C-Rave, RiotSka, and Pumpking. I don’t really know what else to say, buy it, steal it, download it and just get that shit right fucking now.


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