Army Of Ants – 2010 – The Parting Gift Ep

And then it starts with “Adding on The Fears” The 80’s feel on the drumming gets at you immediately, the riff start with a powerful melody, so intense it can make you jump on excitement and at least start a head/feet movement in flow in way of the emotional vocals James has to offer! This is just the beginning of “The Parting Gift” Ep by Army of Ants. Monster guitar solos and riffs are a big part of the mix and to be quite honest, this cannot let you down, it’s not just skill, its heart and emotion. 
“The Parting Gift” Ep is the Devout record by my brother Jim from Leicester, UK. And it’s simply brilliant. I love the stuff he’s doing with AoA a lot more than what he’s doing with Victory Gin (His other band) AoA It’s really different, the vibe of the music brings you back into the 80’s but adding new elements! Amazing melodies, catchy riffs, raw emotional vocals (Real emo, not what the kids listen nowadays) Synth-drums and a lot of creativity. “Death Channel” and “Never Free” can’t let you down with its upbeat tempo and melodic punk vibe, while the song that gives the name of this Ep, “The Parting Girft” Struggle between slow and fast rhythm, lot’s of changes in the song: clean-delayed guitars, amazing distortion, impressive choruses and different vocal styles from the most guttural vocals to the most melodic sing along breaks! And the fucking beginning-bridge-end of the song it’s FUCKING EPIC! This release ends with an instrumental song called “The Time Bombs Strapped to Our Hearts” and it cannot just disappoint you. 

As some of you might know, Jim and I are working on a Split Ep and I can’t wait to hear what he’s gonna drop once we release this thing, it’s really different from what you normally listen to these days and I’m really excited to be on pair with this talented musician. Expect “Worlds Apart” soon, as always, it will be a free digital download at RiotSka Records, but in the meantime, you can hear two new AoA songs at youtube!! 

Here's a preview of what you're missing!! 

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