As Soon As There Is Justice - One Year Anniversary!! (Song by song)

One year ago I released what has become the greatest achievement in my life. I’m so thankfull of the reception of As Soon As There Is Justice all over the world, all the support you're giving to th is project and all the nice comments and stuff during this year, I still can’t believe it! Thanks you all for everything, thanks to all my friends out there in the world, all the bands we’ve met and every single one of you. I decided to do something ‘special’ for this ocation, and here’s a brief description and toughts for each song, along with a curious fact about em. Also, I wouldn’t mind if you wanna help me share this record to your friends and make it even more than what already is! CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!
Anti-Venöm - As Soon As There Is Justice (2010)

01 – The Real Story Of Big Richard
As the title suggest, this one tells the story and life of a guy named Richard I use to be friends with. I find it ideal for opening the record, cuz it’s hard and loud. The deal with this songs and why it speaks about the guy it’s because it pains me a lot to see that people just care about money… To my personal point of view, this guy has so much potential to become someone stronger, aside from his problems, he’s been thru a lot and he doesn’t seem to realize that the best way to shut down faces is by making himself the best man he can be, not just a regular person. I’m not friends with the guy anymore, but I wonder if he’s doing alright from time to time.
CURIOUS FACT: Richard was called Pampers cuz he used to shit his pants and wear diapers.

02 – Today we’re Dead
This one’s an ode to Morning Glory, I love tha bass intro and the lyrics and the vox make straight reference to Ezra and the sounds he create and the ideals he believes and that we both share. One of my fav songs to play and definitely one of the best ones in the record.
CURIOUS FACT: This one’s Alan’s fav AV song.

03 – Annihilation Of Human Raze
The long speech sampler at the beginning it’s from one of the few interviews and documental done for the EZLN made by other countries. The voice you hear is in fact, Sub-Commander Marcos speaking about their struggle and while the lyrics don’t take any direct reference to the sampler, I love how they relate to the indigenous matter in my country, but also several problems all over the world. I love the riff and chorus.
CURIOUS FACT: There’s a blog named after this song, but in Spanish: Aniquilación de la especie humana .blogspot or something!

04 - FCUKU
I hate how people tries to hide the FUCK word from everywhere, ‘The F Word’ ‘EF You’ ‘Effin’ so I thought ‘FCUKU’ was a funny name. This one is dedicated to all the ignorant, racist self centered idiots in our lives. We’re ‘civilized’ most people in the ‘scene’ I know is really polite and good people, who reads, study, who cares, tolerate and respect others for who they are but every once in a while you cross paths with some asswipe feeling better than yourself and that’s not true, we’re all equals, so feeling the way they do, makes em in fact, less than you. So sometimes, we try to avoid problems and stuff by being nice with others, but there’s always a limit for that. Sing it proud!
CURIOUS FACT: I always fcuk the lyrics live!

05 – Misplace Man
I don’t know what to say about this one, it’s by far one of my favorites and the lyrics speak for it. The bass and guitars feel great and my favorite part is the guitar break, really cool!
CURIOUS FACTS: This one’s Mc Devlin fav AV song. This one has three different versions. This song is the most appearing AV song on youtube. The chords of this song, are the same ones on Lo-fi One Mic by the Night Gaunts. I don’t remember the lyrics order when we play it live!

06 – And So… (Part 1)
I’m sorry to break your heart, but a lot of people think this one is a love song, and it’s not. This song It’s about growing up and failing to yourself. When we where kids we had dreams, ideals and hopes for the future really different from the ones we have while we become older and while growing up, we seem to forget em and sometimes we become hypocrites about our own believes, that’s the true meaning about this one. Sometimes you have to let go. Don’t get cocky or feel bad about it, every song has its own meaning to the people who’s listening, that’s what this song mean to me, but you’re allowed to have your own interpretation of this song.
CURIOUS FACT: People doesn’t know the lyrics of this song and sing weird shit in the name of love when we play it live

07 –Looking For The Answer
I didn’t want to call this one by this name due the band name LFAA, but I didn’t have any other names for this one, I think it suits the song. It’s really different and I really love how the Spanish-English lyrics work out and the bass is amazing. Nasty Ragga from the heart!
CURIOUS FACT: We can’t play this song live cuz we don’t have enough effect pedals to make this one work

08 – Midtro
Intro, Outro… Interlude? Fuck it. I love the techno sounds this one has, one of my favorite songs. The weird speech in the back is Lenin, saying stuff about the revolution and proletarians… I’m not a fan of Marxism or communism, but I like some of their academics, especially Althusser. So, since you can’t understand a thing and it sounds kind of creepy I thought that was really cool, good idea!
CURIOUS FACT: This song sounds better live than it does on the record!

09 – I Tried to Do my Best
This one’s from 05 I believe, and it’s been arranged in 3 different ways trough time. The first lyrics were about a girl, that’s the slow part you hear at the end with the distorted piano, but honestly I don’t think those lyrics fit the song anymore. I really hate my country and most of the punk scene around here, bunch of hypocrites, so this one’s about it! I love how this one turned out and I love the new lyrics! Best guitars on the record too!
CURIOUS FACT: We can’t play this one live cuz Its too fast!

10 – 12
I don’t have a clue about this one, the lyrics are weird and I don’t have a specific topic for them… weird shit. Eitherway, this one’s from 06 and I have one live acoustic performance in video somewhere! Love to play this one live and the end with acoustics its epic!
CURIOUS FACT: This was requested on our first and second live show, I didn’t wanted to play it live, but we started doing so, cuz we do take requests!

11 – Name your Addiction
NYA was the last song to be recorded for the record; in fact it wasn’t supposed to be in this one! I love the arrangement during the bass solo, sounds beautiful! The lyrics and message is straight forward to girls trying to be sluty just to get some attention, to feel loved or to get money, but also making a direct reference to the dudes and girls who fell for it. Some women just don’t care about themselves and others abuse the powers of their pussy and tits! Sex and money isn’t everything in life!
CURIOUS FACT: The samplers from Gremlins 2

12 – Can’t Say
Another old one, about freedom of speech and our inability of making it worth a lil bit! I love this version; there should be around 3 or 4 shitty demos somewhere.
CURIOUS FACT: I hate this song, been playing it for about 7 years, I just play it live to piss someone.

13 – Don’t Get Me Wrong
I love this song! So much fun to play it live! The lyrics are a different approach to alcoholism and drug use. I hate when people drink or drug themselves because their feeling sad, they’re miserable or stuff like that... As if booze or drugs can make that go away, they make it even worse! And I also hate people saying it’s a sickness: “Poor people they can’t stop drinking, cuz they have a disease…” We’re adults and we know what’s down, if you’re gonna drink, then drink! If you’re going to get high, get high! If you wanna shoot dope, do it! You don’t need an excuse to do it or not do it, but be aware of the consequences of being intoxicated and don’t drive while you’re fucked up.
CURIOUS FACT: This one’s heavily influenced by the grindcore band Birdflesh!
14 – Propagandha
As in Propagandhi. What to say about this one… its two lyrics in one song. Ones about me stealing ideas and music from other artist while the other one is about marketing and consume. I love how this one turned out, really different than the rest of the record and sounds waaay better than the rest of it!
CURIOUS FACT: This one’s been uploaded to different servers and sites, and all of them change the name to PropagandHA! Weird shit

15 –Mc=Genocide
This one was the first song to be recorded and to be meant to be done by AV! I love it, it has everything I wanted to do since I started playing music, amazing bass, amazing vocals, melody, rhythm… What can I say, the lyrics are based in (one of) the economic crisis that started in 08, but you have ta keep using your credit cards and keep buying with loans while you don’t own the real money! Ha ha! Blame the banks, blame the institutions, whatevs it’s your own fault too!
CURIOUS FACT: We have never played this song live and I’m really looking forward to fuck it up live!

16 – Satan Vs. Cops
The most hated things of the US thinking are economic-political systems apart from capitalism and opposite religion, I think I’m gonna get a baphy tattoo mixed with the hammer and the oz just to piss a bunch of people! Nah, seriously, this song it’s me speaking of my beliefs, which are none existent in a non nihilistic way. I don’t believe in individualism either, I just think we need to come clean with a new political, social and economic structure, based in our personal and social needs based in the ethos of life but also including animals and our environment. You wouldn’t wanna die because you don’t have food to eat, right? Then don’t let any other die becuz of that! You want your nice pavement and electric installation with a pipe service installed in your block, right? Let’s make that happen to people who don’t have it!
CURIOUS FACT: The 4 (yes 4) laws of robotics from Isaac Asimov work for humans too and that’s what this song’s about! Just change ‘Robot’ for human being:
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
0.   A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.  

That’s it! This is ASATIJ explained after one year of its release! Thanks for reading!!

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