Yo what’s up people across the universe? I was feeling like doing something for the blog and in a way to thank your support with Planet of The Apes. Fucking awesome! 

So, here’s a list of 6 of the records I listen the most lately (at least since 2012 started) and a bunch of songs that are always in my mp3 players & what not? I’m doing this cuz, sometimes I wonder (as a fan) “what are my fav artists/bands listening?” And I thought it would be cool to share what I’m listening ATM. So I’m just gonna write a bit of each record and why I like to listen to it a lot! In alphabetical order by artist, this are my most (lately) listened records.

Beatsteaks – 2009 – Limbo Messiah

This one is in fact my favorite Beatsteaks record of all times, it’s perfect. Love each song on this thing and the first time I did listen to it I couldn’t even believe how good those guys had become. Every time I listen to it, I discover new sounds and melodies that I haven’t heard before on it. The lyrics are pretty cool, have ta dig harder to fully achieve the right interpretation for them, cuz this isn’t your direct message beatsteak record/songs. Didn’t really knew about this till a couple of years ago, but this one put these guys as a mainstream euro act, that either means that this one’s really good or really bad, punx! Fav songs: Jane Became Insane, Meantime, Demons Galore & Hail To The Freaks

Capdown – 2001 – Pound for The Sound

Capdown are one of the most influential bands in the skacore scene, at least to me, they’re fairly one of the best bands of the genre I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. Lots of people may argue “Why this one and not Civil Disobedients?” Well, Pound for The Sound, represents to me the best Capdown you could ever listen to, Civil D is a classic, but this one took their sound really far away from any regular ska punk band and truly achieved something else. I simply love this record, the energy they have on stage, the lyrics and the message they deliver! Fucking amazing band!. Fav songs: Faith No More, What Doesn’t Kill You, Pound for The Sound & Dub2

Devo – 1982 – Oh No! It’s Devo

Oh No! It’s Devo… One of the most creative and intelligent bands that ever existed and this one it’s their definitive record, every song is awesome and these mofos where super pioneers of synths and samplers that still in use today. For all of you AV enthusiast, our cover song Big Mess comes from this record! What can I say, the artwork says it all, spuds! Devo it’s one of my biggest influence when it comes to writing music & lyrics. Beware cuz the De-Evolution is still in progress. Fav Songs: Big Mess, That’s Good, Speed Racer & Peek-a-boo

From The Cradle to The Rave – 2010 – A Nightmare on Wall Street

What can I say that I haven’t said before about this one… INFKTD is by far one of the most talented musicians of the world today and I’m more than proud to be friends with him. This record has no limitations, every song is awesome, Fuck! Riotstep can drive you mad and at the same time make you chill to the max. This record has my gratitude for helping me sleep at nights and for keeping me sane during the days, love it. Fav songs: All Seeing Eye, Murdasound!, Rally Up! Resist & The Bonus Track. GET IT FROM HERE

Sum 41 – 2004 – Chuck

This record is the proof of mixing the right people together for a band, these Canadian kds have never sounded better. Dave Brown shows exactly what Travis Barker does to blink-182, the rest of them know what they’re doing but without them, it isn’t just the same. This record is hard, sad and a mind fucking depressive record. So sad that they’ll never sound the same way, Tom from Gob is great on guitar filling up for Brown, but he better stick to Gob. Fav songs: No Reason, We’re All Too Blame, Open Your Eyes & 88

The Toy Dolls – 1993 – Absurd-Ditties

The Toy Dolls are one of the most underrated bands in the Punk Rock history, Olga delivers his guitar solos as if he’s just fooling around with the guitar, while his weird vocal style flows with the bass and drums in perfect harmony. This record is simply brilliant, one of the masterpieces of the genre, everything’s in there, sick lyrics, sick music, sick band. You know how everybody says that NOFX created the punk rock sound of the 90’s? That’s fucking wrong, the mother fucking Toy Dolls created and perfected that sound. This one’s a must. Fav songs: I’m a Telly Addict!, Toccata Dm, Alec’s Gone, Dez The Demon Decorator

Hope you like those records, that’s what I’m listening right now! Be sure to check em out and share your thoughts! If I‘m not listening to any of those records, I’m listening to any of these songs:

Dynamite Rocket (Rank1 Jasper Batt Jr.) – 2010 – Akira Yamaoka (No More Heroes 2: OST)
I Went On Tour For Ten Years… And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt – 2005 – The Suicide Machines
I’m Alone in The Wilderness – 1977 – Culture
Money Money 2020 – 2003 – The Network
Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre Pansy Mix) – 2008 – Mindless Self-Indulgence
Self (Dimension) – 2011 – The Stupid Stupid Henchmen
Superfast Jellyfish (Unicorn Kid Remix) – 2010 – Gorillaz
The Lynch Mob – 2011 – From The Cradle to The Rave
Waterslides! – 2005 – The Aquabats!
X – 2009 – Dead To Me

Cheers & let me know what are the records you're listening right now or which records are your favorite ones! If you want to know more about the music that I listen to that gets registred from my cellphone & itunes, add me as your friend on last.fm


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