Aim For Your Head - 2011 - Plagues EP

Alright, This band is from New Jersey, that’s right! Like New Jersey from the Jersey Shore with Pauly-D, Snooky, The Situation and the hometown of lots of my fav bands! I knew bout Aim For Your Head existence trough a live video and I liked what I heard. Then, Shane (vocals+guitar) contacted me trough the AV facebook page and told me that he loved my shit and that he was jamming FCUKU nonstop, he told me about his band and I was like “ooh yeah, ya have some nasty vox, I like it!” And then, our beautiful relationship started, ooh boy, we were young.

After a while, these guys finally released their Plagues EP, and to my surprise I was in their thanx list along with my boys, Night Gaunts! To be honest, I still dunno why haha. I guess it’s cuz I’m cool, like the latino dude from their hood or something like that, ese. What Can I say about this trio besides of what a bunch of nice people. I like em, Ryan (Guitar) and Shane are awesome and I don’t really know the other dude. I like the music they’re doing and I loved the live shit they do, also I love three pieces, that’s why AV’s live band is only 3 fucks. 

About their release, well, the truth is that is ok. I don’t try to sound like a dick, but the recordings kinda disappointed me, sounds just ok. I guess I expected more from their live shit and believe me I know about sounding like shit either live or studio, I hate the mix and recordings in all of my songs, especially in ASATIJ. I know, I know, this is genre is not well known from their quality in recordings, but Plagues sounds plain to me, the guitars barely sound and kinda sound the same, drums are there but just doesn’t sound right and the amazing live vox Shane has, it’s not in there. There some weird tempo in a few songs, like no click track maybe. Another thing that disappointed me is that some of their songs start like a rip off from The Infested, which is cool, cuz The Infested are cool, but it’s not that cool while you’re not The Infested. “Dude, AV is a rip off of Leftöver Crack, you cock sucker”

Eitherway, Aim For Your Head is great, especially live! The EP didn’t do justice to their sound. I like them a lot and to be fair, it’s their first release and it’s pretty good. 



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