None At All - 2011 - Boy What A Mess, Volume1

Art By Chet Knebel
For a Satanic Crack Rock enthusiast like me, hearing someone mentioning B-Squad and The Stupid Stupid Henchmen always brings a smile to my face. But once you mix both, it’s pretty much: FUCK ME. None At All isn’t really, well more, likely ‘actually’ that related to Chet, well it is, but Chet’s more like a special guest in some of their stuff, pretty much the whole deal...somehow... i guess... There’s some weird stuff involved with None At All!! and that’s what you need to know. I kinda get upset everytime I heard on tv series, movies or cartoons someone messing up with Canada, like if they’re weird or untalented or shit… And that’s not the case, If you have a bit of knowledge of Canadian music and other aspects of their culture, you’ll get my point. So, back on track, None at All is basically B-Squad but different, kinda more serious in what they’re doing, but not that serious in what they make, like NOFX, but cooler. Abstract: None At All = Cory (Vocals), Justin (Guitar/Vocals), Racha (Drums) and Drew (Bass/Vocals) +Chet + ‘Moustache’ Kif (‘Un-moustache’ Kif isn’t that cool)

Boy What A Mess Vol. 1, their first release, is simply awesome! Ten songs in seven minutes equals glory, not even the toughest technical grindcore bands can make that work that well. The songs range from a lot of weird shit, some punk-grindy tunes, some nasty raga-dub is going on too, classic crack rock and even some kinda primus shit’s down too. I like it. Justin just send me a new song, and it’s fantastic, it’s really more punk rock but the sound is awesome, mix sounds great and I liked the melody a lot, haven’t really put that much attention into lyrics, but I’m sure they’re ok. 

Check em out, download their stuff and be sure to spread the word fuckas!


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