Be a part of the Vampires Video!

Yo kidz, this is Raz from AV! Hope you’re all doing great

We’re doing the first AV video ever for our new song Vampires feat.From The Cradle To The Rave! Do you Wanna be a part of the video?? I just need a small clip or a video of the whole song of you having a great time by yourself or with your friends & singing the song! Just follow the next instructions:

1. Send an e-mail to antivenom.video@gmail.com with the subject “FVK

2. I’ll send you the song +lyrics so you can make your own clip for the song

3. You can create your video with any type of camera (But If you can get a better cam, preferably in widescreen and HD the better, even a cellphone cam will do the trick!)

4. Upload the video you’ve created to a storage site, like mediafire, megaupload, rapidshare, etc. So we can download it and put the whole video together! And send us the link back at us to antivenom.video@gmail.com with the subject "I'm a FVK"

5. The most creative video will get one copy of the same release, an AV shirt, patch & sticker for Free!

6. The first 10 videos we get will get a FREE physical copy of the limited digipack edition of Vampires along with a digital copy in mp3!

7. All of you will get a digital copy of this release along with the video & your credits in it!

I’m asking you cuz this song’s for you. It’s about killing all those vampires in our lives, let go of bad people that keeps fucking your life and put an end to bullshit by our own hands!

You might be thinking “wtf… I don’t wanna do that ridiculous stuff” …Well, the video will contain footage of the whole Riot Ska Records, family singing the song + a bunch of friends in the underground skacore/punk-crust scene! Let’s make a huge thing out of this, be a part of something and have a great time!

We’re all trying to make our lives a little bit less miserable each day and if we cannot get involved in something as simple as this, what can we expect from us in difficult times!

The track Vampires will be "officially" released, when it features In The next Riot Ska benefit compilation that we currently have in the works. The compilation features bands such as - Conflict, Morning Glory, Oi Polloi, Mad Conductor, Restarts, Beng Beng Cocktail, Citizen Fish and many, many many more!

Cheers! Saludos desde México Fuckers!!

*Video Submit ends on September 30th
**No nudity, unless you’re hot!
***Violent acts to others, racism, hate symbols; animal abuses or nature destruction will not be allowed or tolerated

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