Victory Gin – 2011 – Bigger Pictures

Victory Gin has an unique way of doing ska/punk music, think of a really good mix between a lovely melodies, skin-ska-oi!-Vocals with that nasty ragga british accent, a hard sounding bass not too mellow or melodically tuned but perfectly in shape for the precision ska/reggae deserve; sick distorted guitars and catchy upbeat tempos in clean lo-fi sound; and a blasting drum filled with kicks and snare hits delivered in the perfect moment, along with punk and classic ska beats.

This is the devout of Victory Gin “Bigger Pictures”, an Ep that can be played in yer home stereo at really high levels and disturbing the fuck of yer neighbors with its catchy tunes or simple at a descent volume to enjoy what’s going on with the music. This is the other band from my mate Jim from Army of Ants and it’s their first release, hope they give us some new tunes by the end of this year or at least a full length by 2012, cuz after this one you’ll get in love with the choruses and the music they’re delivering.

Highlights of this record are “Nazareth Hold ’Em”, “Kissing the Curb” and “Skin’ead”. You can download and stream this record HERE and it’s pretty much almost for free download!! Don’t miss them out if you like ska/punk music!

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