Inertia. – 2011 – Peace.Awareness.Action

Inertia. is a hardcore/punk/crust band heavily influenced by 70’s and early 80’s hardcore music and anarcho themes. This Ep it’s really really short and that’s the way this has ta be done! It’s really good, the loud spoken messages in some tracks make it even better, and the quality it’s straight forward from the amp and drums, perfect for this type of music. 

Just to clear shit up, Inertia. Is another project of Ryan from Aim For Your Head and Hollow-Eyed and to be honest, this kid seems like a creative fucking bastard, 3 different releases in one year and all of them being good on their own terms. + AFYH drummer plays in Inertia. too, so it has ta be good by pure nature.

Don’t miss Ryan’s new stuff with Hollow-Eyed, I heard they’re doing something new right now! You can download Peace.Awareness.Action right HERE!

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