Interview with GOB’s Steven Fairweather!

As many of you might know, GOB is one of my favorite bands in the world. Been listening to their music since I was in high school, relating more and more to their lyrics as I grew up and keeping my hopes up for a brand new GOB record.

For those who don’t have any clues on what I’m talking about, GOB is a sick Canadian Punk Rock band from Langley, British Columbia with 8 great releases put out today since 93, GOB have lived ups and downs from the music industry, leaving members and struggling to get their music to the right ears.  

GOB 2013, Gabe, Steven, Theo & Tom

After 5 long years since their last record ‘Muertos Vivos’, I had an opportunity to chat last week with Steven Fairweather (GOB’s bass player) during a brief Q&A over his FB page. I obviously asked him about their forthcoming record, the band, touring and some other stuff you might be interested to hear. So you better start reading if you don’t wanna miss out about anything! Big props to Steven for letting me ask him a few questions! Thank you so much man! 

Hi Steven, hope I'm not too late for this! Hehe

Are you up for some questions for my blog? It's not that well known or anything like it, but I think it's pretty cool that you are actually letting fans ask you some shit and what not.

(Steven): “Ya! I’m down man”

Alright bro! First of all thanks for letting fans and bloggers ask you a couple of questions! That does not happen too often, I think it’s great that you do such things.
I must ask -obviously- what’s the status of the new GOB record? It’s been five years since GOB launched “Muertos VIvos” and fans are literally craving for the new stuff!! (At least I do haha) 

“We know it’s been a while, GOB has really gone back to a even more DIY style with the band, with producing and mixing the record ourselves, so it’s taken a bit longer, but it’s good in another way, because its exactly how we see the songs
That's pretty good! I guess it gives the music the sound you guys truly want. Are you guys funding the whole thing? Or is there any label supporting you right now?
 No, we’re funding the whole record”
Wow, that’s great! Did you ever felt like you needed to have somehow more fan support or ask fans to help you out with it? A lot of bands use kickstarter for funding their records and what not
"Nah, we have never really talked about kickstarter, when peple come out to the shows, maybe they get a t-shirt or what have you. That’s how we can keep making records”
Awesome bro, it’s really good to know that bands are doing their thing and that the fans are doing theirs!

Alright Steven, I must ask you this. I know you’re the newest member in the band, how do you feel of being part of it?

Steven Fairweather, Photo by Andy Bond.
“Ya, feels good, i worked with the Tom and Theo years ago on a record, (They produced a old band of mine) and we became fast friends... So it feels pretty natural with them, and the shows are always really fun
That's pretty cool man, didn’t knew about it, did you ever felt like any pressure by being part of a band as big as gob?
I did on my first show, i had about 12 days to learn 21 songs, for this festival in Winnipeg. I still remember me and Theo went over them everyday in this old boiler room/ basement, and next to me at the show, I had a lil book of "cheat sheets" in case my mind went blank"

Haha, for real? Did you get to use any of those sheets or was it all good?

“i don’t think i did... But it felt safe to have them close by… Honestly, I keep them in my bass case still, years later"
"I'm kinda like Linus, from Charlie Brown"
 Haha Always keeping your blanket close. That's pretty cool man.

Where would you like to go on tour with Gob? What would be the perfect place to play a show? (Please say Mexico)
Haha, thanks for letting me dream, man!

“Haha, really I would like to play as many places that would have us”
Any place in particular?

"Europe, and Asia, are up there for sure”

Asia must be pretty cool, the culture over there must be really something.
“I agree, very different, and beautiful"
So, what's your favorite gob song to play live??

“That changes for me, but the top ones are: Beauville, I Hear You Calling and Soda"
I hear you calling must be awesome from stage view, all the people shouting the lyrics and Soda is a must haha

GOB live, 2012. Shot by unknown. Taken from GOB's Facebook page

Just to finish with this man. When do you think that we'll be listening to the new record and do you have any musical recommendations you wanna share with us? What are you listening at the moment?

“I would love to give you a better time frame, but i really cannot. The record will be sooner than later, that i can tell ya!"
"Lately I’ve been hunting for old 50's and 60's soul records here in new york, it’s become an obsession… but as for new stuff, 'The National Album 'came out yesterday, they are a great band i think, also liking a band from Brooklyn 'Twin Shadow', a band from London called 'Vuvuvultures' and the new 'Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club' is great”

Have to check em out, man. Thanks a lot, this should be enough!

“Cheers man! Thanks again!”

Nah, thanks to you man, seriously!

If you wanna know a bit more about Steven, follow himon Tumblr, he’s a sick photographer and it’s worth a look at his profile! If you wanna hear more about the new GOB record, you better follow them on FB and stay tuned for more info in this blog soon! Can’t wait to get my ears on what the band is working on this time! Sick music, that’s for sure!

Peace! X


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