Mischief Brew – Smash the Windows Review

This is my personal favorite record by Mischief Brew and to be quite honest I never really thought about doing a review about this record but this was suggested by my friend Viktor Linusson and I truly believe this was a great choice for a record review. The word Mischief itself don’t comes too often in people’s regular vocabulary, it sounds like a word that someone in a cartoon or a grandparent would say haha, seriously, think about it and you’ll know it’s true! That being said, the band itself share one special characteristic to that point and that’s where the magic starts to happen and makes them unique.
Mischief Brew is a sick anarcho folk-ish band, really DIY punky smart band and this record proves it. The heart behind each track and the lyrics displayed by the band are unique, there’s no fillers or something that shouldn’t be there. This is raw punk rock written with a wooden guitar delivered on its own terms and unique ways. I really hate bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad or pseudo punk artist like Frank Turner, the feeling doesn’t add up to the music, and the concept of the band or the artist –at least to me- is just bullshit, Mischief Brew is real.

The record opens with “The Reinventing of The Printing Press” and there couldn’t be a better opener for Smash the Windows and the critic lyrics of the entire record to our so-called “modern civilization”. Followed up by the upbeat and sincere “Citizens Drive” which to me feels like a numb scream for help, the third track and one of my favorites on this album is “Lightning Knock The Power Out” I just love these kind of melodies, somehow feels like a resignation tune.

Another great tune is “Ten Thousand Fleas” Which I usually refer as the “Fly Song” I’m really unsure why but it reminds me of a cartoonish fly hitting itself to a closed window. This song features Scotty Sturgeon from CV, LöC and SFH, and the lyrics go awesome with the music, I love that track but not as much as the instrumental song that comes after that one, “Swing Against the Nazis”.

There’s some amazing tracks like “Roll Me Through The Gates of Hell” or “Aint it The Life?” that work like a charm for sing along lyrics and there’s other’s like “Nomads Revolt”, “I Liquor Never Brewd” and the closing track “Departure Arrival” that kinda bring you down but remain in hope for a change in this miserable world. This record feels just right.
As much as I love Mischief Brew, I must admit that this record is not for everyone, neither as the band. You have to understand the basis of this style of music, which don’t really come from punk or folk music, I gave you a hint at the first paragraph of this review, here’s a second one: Protest.

If you enjoy this record you must listen to “Songs From Under the Sink” from 2006, really different from this one and also a must if you’re into this type of music, and by that I mean Real folk punk, unlike Greg Graffin solo record. Mischief Brew is dropping a new 7’’ split with Mr. Franz Nicolay, If I were you, I’ll get it right away.


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