VA - 2011 - Psicosis Punk III

Yo, review of the day is a Mexican compilation of underground punk, crust, hardcore, skacore, psychobilly & grindcore. This is “Psicosis Punk III” which features AV (self promotion till death fuckas!!) and a few friendly bands, like Rotten & Blessed Noise (Check the right bar for a link to their shit) but also a few amazing bands. I don’t really know how many of them have DIY recordings, but some of them are really poor and some others are really fucking awesome. 

My homie, Saint has this label called Nación Libre, and he’s been supporting MX bands since day one, something that is kinda unusual here in Mexico. Ya see, if you have a band and you’re from any other country in the world and you come down to mexico to play a show or tour across the country, you’ll get every kind of support and people will go to your shows, even if people doesn’t know your music. But for us, Mexican bands, is kinda hard to tour and get support from other bands and the people that come to the shows… So back on track, Saint is the man, he has supported not just AV, but a fucking bunch of Mexican bands to get their shit into new ears. Nación Libre is a label of friends and hardworking people, along with this compilation. Also, if you want some help to promote your music just send Saint a e-mail, tell him bout your stuff and tell him where you find this info and hopefully he’ll help you out. There are some international bands at the label too!

Good or not, the effort is there! I like this comp, it flows good, each band’s doing their shit and you’ll get to hear a bit of the underground music my country has to offer. Remember, There’s not many major or popular mx bands in this! But the heart is there!

Contact NL: 
E-Mail/GTalk: elbuensaint@nacion-libre.net
MSN: elbuensaint@hotmail.com


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Saint dijo...

Hey raz! thank you very much for the support... my english is shit and it's too late, so I'll write in spanish haha Gracias carnal, espero que el proyecto siga creciendo y se siga promoviendo la escena diy, no solo mexicana, sino también la internacional y pues ojalá que bandas de otros lados se unan al sello hehe un gran saludo y suerte en todos tus proyectos, ya sabes que para lo que sea aquí estamos para apoyar.

Saint/Nación Libre